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Recovery After Surgery and Injuries, Long-Term Pain and Chronic Conditions

Link Physical Therapy offers a variety of services to help patients reach their recovery goals. Providing a multifaceted approach allows our patients to progress at an appropriate rate with attention to pain reduction and optimal healing.

We know that pain and discomfort can interfere with a patient’s recovery rate. It can be challenging to work through the pain, even when you know marked improvement waits on the other side. The old adage of “no pain, no gain” can be counterproductive. LINK’s physical therapists use hands-on methods to decrease pain and discomfort so real recovery can occur.

Do you have a “bad back” that “keeps going out?” Or, do you have joint pain that improves for a short time only to return? Do you have headaches that detract from enjoying life? The therapists at LINK Physical Therapy have the training and experience to identify the underlying causes of your condition. With this knowledge, they can provide treatment to resolve the issue and education to prevent a recurrence.

Falls are the most prevalent reason for emergency room visits, especially with older adults. At LINK Physical Therapy, we use evidence-based interventions to improve balance and decrease your risk of falling. We train you to in specific movements for the maintenance of balance, resulting in safe, functional mobility. Once your balance and body strength improve, you’ll feel much more confident in your abilities. Everyday life becomes more enjoyable again!

We specialize in working with individuals who have had surgery but haven’t been able to reach optimal results. Our individualized treatment plan factors in the level of pain, joint mobility, flexibility, and other considerations related to recovery.

Recovering from surgery can be a challenging process. We use a combination of manual therapy, exercise and education to help patients achieve a successful outcome. With our personalized services and educational encouragement, rehab can be your favorite time of the week!

You can take comfort in knowing that our personalized training program will be custom designed for your specific condition. We provide an evaluation and design a recovery plan tailored to your unique needs. Spinal stabilization therapy includes strengthening, stretching and education so you can manage the symptoms.

Millions of Americans suffer from spinal dysfunction. Along with alignment, strengthening the spinal musculature is critical for optimal results. The spinal stabilization training we provide at LINK Physical Therapy is custom designed to return you to normal function as quickly as possible.

Are you having pain when running? Do you want to make sure you can continue running for years to come? We can help:

• Assessment of mobility, strength and balance

• Instruction in specific exercises to address any issues

• Video analysis of running technique

• Education in modifications to minimize injury risk

Do you want to take your game to the next level?  Are you frustrated with lack of power or consistency?  We can help:

• Golf-specific assessment of mobility, strength and balance

• Instruction in corrective exercises that can be completed at home or in our clinic

• Video analysis of swing to identify any physical limitations

Additional Procedures

As a fully functional clinic, we offer several modalities to facilitate recovery. Here are a few:

• Ultrasound

• Electrical stimulation

• Iontophoresis

• Kinesiotaping

• Hot/Cold packs

Top notch results. Jay did a quick evaluation of my flexibility, he evaluated my golf swing then gave me three simple stretches to help my lower back to do before and after golf. The stretches take 3 minutes and added 20 yards to my driver and fairway woods. I also am not sore after golf. Thank you Jay.
Perry D.

Jay is the most engaged and attentive Physical Therapist I’ve ever worked with. He took time to listen to my concerns and assess the issues. I’d recommend his services to anyone.

Brendan Harper

Jay is a kind and attentive Physical Therapist who addresses each issue and concern you have. My running analysis was extremely beneficial because of the in-depth review of my strength, flexibility, and overall leg structure as well as the assessment of my running and what I do well and what I can improve on. Jay also took the time to teach me new exercises and stretches that will help keep me running and in better health. I highly recommend Link Physical Therapy.

Joseph Kerber

When I visited Jay Wright recently, I was impressed with his professional expertise & his calm & friendly demeanor. I appreciated his willingness to listen to my symptoms & understand my concerns. After an assessment of my condition, Jay provided me with a few exercises & movements that have helped me gain range of motion & relieved the tight muscles in my neck. These have made an important difference in my life.

Pat Eldred

I started seeing Jay after years of chronic migraines and neck issues. I had never thought about physical therapy before for migraines but I sure wish I had years ago! Jay took the time to talk thru what my symptoms were and other treatments I had tried in the past. After just a couple of visits, I can honestly say I have never felt better and do not need medication any longer! I highly recommend Jay and Link Physical Therapy!

Marc Slettedahl

Jay has treated me for back and foot issues. He was knowledgeable, respectful and very effective with his treatments. Through a home exercise program and hands on treatments I got back to my normal activities
Susan Andler

Jay with Link Physical Therapy is a fantastic guy to work with. His knowledge and attention to detail in the Physical Therapy field is top notch. Would recommend checking out Link Physical Therapy.
Marty McTigue
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