Common Types of Jiu Jitsu Injuries & How To Treat Them (Part 2)

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Are you a mixed martial artist, such as a jiu jitsu or muay thai fighter? Mixed martial arts sports can be fun and highly competitive, but they can also result in many different types of injuries as well if you aren’t careful. Here are some of the most common types of jiu jitsu injuries and what to do if you have one: Physical Therapy Near Prescott WI

Shoulder Injuries

One of the most common types of jiu jitsu-related injuries is shoulder injuries. Shoulder injuries can occur during posting, shooting, or armlocks. Shoulder injuries can be both muscle injuries and ligament injuries, and they can be very painful and limit your range of motion. If your shoulder is majorly injured, then you may want to consider seeking professional injury treatment services from your local physical therapist near Prescott WI at LINK Physical Therapy.

Ear Injuries

Another fairly common injury that can occur in jiu jitsu-related matches is ear injuries. Ear injuries generally happen during grappling and shooting, which can accidentally result in the cartilage in your ear getting torn. When this occurs, it’s best to seek professional treatment for it so that your ear can heal properly and so that re-injury will be less likely.

Finger Injuries

Lastly, finger injuries can also sometimes occur in jiu jitsu as well, such as bent, fractured, or even broken fingers. While taping your fingers can help to prevent finger-related injuries during matches, sometimes finger injuries still occur. This can potentially be a hindrance to your performance seeing as a your hands and fingers are vital for competing in mixed martial arts sports.

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Physical Therapy Near Prescott WI

Physical Therapy Near Prescott WI

Physical Therapy Near Prescott WI